How to

A guide for the novice or returning model builder

Making models from construction kits remains one of the most absorbing, satisfying and inexpensive hobbies around. But for many faced with a kit for the first time, the thought of applying glue and paint to a jigsaw of plastic parts can be daunting. What follows are some basic hints to ease initial jitters and help you achieve a better result, whether you are returning to the hobby after a 20 year layoff, or a total kit building novice. In preparing this leaflet we have assumed that you are building your kit without modification from the instructions

1 Preparation and common sense

2 Tools and materials

2a Basic tools:

2b Adhesives and materials:

2c Paint:

2d Paintbrushes:

2e Other useful stuff:

3 Getting Started

4 Pre-assembly tips

5 Assembly

6 Final painting

7 Decalling and finishing off

8 Right, I'm hooked. What next?

Whatever you do, this hobby is inexpensive, and it's fun. So enjoy!