Glued Up-issue 3 2007

Committee members

Chairman - James Stanton
Secretary - Steve Rickwood
Treasurer - Tony Issott
Publicity - Mark Peacock
Events - Simon Boness

A little note from your Chairman
I must thank you all for making the club so vibrant. We also have to thank Mark, Simon , Steve and Tony for all their hard work behind the scenes doing all the day to day stuff and Steve the Hat for collecting the subs each and every week. The committee would like to arrange some club days out, so please feel free to provide us with ideas to plan. The first trip out was enjoyed by all who attended and it's a shame that we have not done one since. A day out to Hannants and RAF Hendon would be ideal to get things moving again. Although the AGM takes officially place in August, I believe that this should move to late September  to avoid clashing with the holiday season.

Looking further on there is a possibility of our club hosting a show in Bedford town centre. This can be done but will mean a lot of work for the whole club. Again all feedback welcome. My time as chairman is nearly over and so I look forward

to supporting the next chap who takes over....and seeing where we are this time next year. 

Bank account
Since the demise of MR & ME we have been looking for an appropriate place to lodge club funds. We now have a new bank account set up at RBS in Mill Street . Funds are in the process of being deposited by Tony Issott so that we can get on with devising a programme of club activities, once the core needs have been provided for.

Publicity drive
Your publicity officer has been busier than usual lately. We now have our free diary entry reinstated in the Beds on Sunday, plus an amended notice in the clubs directory in SAM Publications titles online. T&R Models in Wellingborough have also offered to post our details plus our newsletters on their website.

Thanks to Bob 'The Media Mole' McIntosh's excellent graphics skills we now have a new club flyer to go on display in retail outlets and museum shops.

Once printed these will go on display progressively in the following outlets:

Jammie Toys (ex-Toymaster), Goldings, Shuttleworth Trust shop, T&R Models Wellingborough, Duxford shop, Hannants, HobbyCraft Milton Keynes, Auto Models Milton Keynes, Bedford Library.

We're getting 1000 flyers done to cover all this. If anyone has another outlet that could be of benefit to us let me know. Ultimately we want to work with suitable retailers, demonstrating kit building in store, for which we'll need volunteers, especially those with children who build models.

Show diary

June 17: MAFVA Nationals. Duxford.
June 23 : Modellbrno , Czech Republic . (If anyone still wants to go let me know)
August 5: IPMS Leicester KitSwap. 01162 867107
August 19 : IPMS Avon show. Contact Phil Evans - 01454 850119
August 22-25: IPMS USA Nationals Anaheim, California (great place for picking up cheap Airfix and Heller kits)

Don't forget that the Shuttleworth airshows are on first Sunday of each month.

As you now know we have the opportunity to host our own show over the next twelve months. We have the chance to make this a better and more different event with broad appeal to the public-all ideas considered so don't be shy.

Retail outlets and news
Shuttleworth Trust Shop, Old Warden Airfield. Run by Sue Darnell, this outlet sells mainly Airfix and Revell with some Academy or Minicraft. Stock is currently a bit depleted as they are waiting for Airfix to kick back into action. You can save a bit on their Revell 1/32 Lysander kits as they are selling them off at only £9.99, with a special decal sheet for the all-black Lizzie at only a quid. Angelo Picardo has built one which is on display in the shop.

PDI Model Supplies are scaling down their business and from next year will be limiting themselves to distributing Continental Model Supplies stuff. He will be disposing of his kit inventory at shows this year. He is big in small scale armour so if there are gaps in

your collection, get in quick.

Member's forum
This issue sees the start of a new feature where a club member gets a chance to have his/her say. This issue Hadleigh 'GongHunter' Mead, who produces some superb and inspirational work in miniature, has his say..

As the better weather has arrived I've noticed more members attending the club. This is a good thing, although we could still do with more people joining or taking an interest in the club. If anyone has any ideas on this subject the please talk to Mark, Simon, Steve or James who will be more than happy to listen . With more members we can take the club forward in new ways and put ourselves on the map. (although Simon did that at the last show!).

A lot of people have been talking about a day out at various events or places of interest and have come up with some great ideas, such as Duxford , various tank museums, the RAF Museum, Hannants Model Shop- don't forget the Army and Military Vehicle Show on June 17 th and Flying Legends on 7/8 July (both at Duxford). If anyone is interested in any of these events, talk to James or Simon who will gladly arrange it all..

If anyone likes Chinese food I'd like to organize a club night out at Dragon Restaurant in Bedford . There's a wide variety of good grub and you can eat as much as you like for ten quid. If you're interested, come and see me and we'll arrange a date to suit all. It would be good to unwind for a night without the smell of glue! ( Hadleigh, you are obviously impervious to monosodium glutamate-Ed)

Submissions for next issue by mid-July please. Happy modelling.