GLUED UP-ISSUE 1 2007-January.

Welcome to the first Glued Up in a long, long while. Hopefully this should be the first in a regular series of missives to help us say in touch with each other as not everyone can make it to each meeting night.

There are many faces that we haven't seen for some time, though this does not take away the fact that we have a very regular core base of kit bashers every other Tuesday. One of the nicest aspects of being a Kempston & District member is that we all appear to be the essence of what the hobby is about-fun and relaxation. There is none of the elitism or denigration of others efforts that often permeates other clubs. Everyone appreciates others' creations and those with the real skill are willing to pass on their knowledge. Much of what gets produced is a real inspiration. It is a pleasure to be part of this club. The more of you that we can see every other week, the more this spirit can grow.

Meanwhile feel free to email me on with anything modelling related that you want in print-reviews, opinions on the modelling scene in general or any items that you want to sell, swap or are looking for. A hints and tips/troubleshooting column from members would be good, right through to suggestions for club days out. Seeking out that elusive decal to complete your latest project? Just ask-a club member may have just what you are looking for. Which reminds me. Chris Chandler , pick up the white courtesy phone. I want to know if the Canovac Stirling Mk IV nose that I gave you is still virgo intacta. I need it back.

Meanwhile-read on......

It's always a sad day when a hobby store closes.. A sign of the times perhaps that the mix of rising business rates, growth in internet trading and a lack of awareness of construction kit building as a hobby amongst the general public that has driven the nail into many a long established store. However we still have alternatives which I list below. Likewise if anyone comes across any new outlets that are within an hour's car journey just let me know. In the meantime I'm sure that we all offer our thanks to Tony, Andy and Steve for providing the excellent facility for us and the community in general for so many years.

My suggested alternative local or reachable sources are:

Goldings , High Street Bedford
Toymaster Kingdom , High Street Bedford
Games Workshop , Greyfriars, Bedford
Lou Stener Model Supplies , Bedford 296966 (military specialist. mail order, webshop, attends shows) Contact Lou Stener
T&R Models, Wellingborough 01933 273388 contact Martin Hollebone
Models For Sale , Bozeat 01933 666999 (mail order only, very good webshop) contact Vince Brown
PDI Model Supplies , North Furzton Milton Keynes 01908 505988 (military specialist, mail order, webshop, attends shows) contact Phill Smith
Auto Models , Central Milton Keynes Shopping Centre (just by M&S-mix of kits and diecast. Manager is a small scale armour modeller) , Olney 711980 (excellent for tools and materials. Is considering increasing his kit stock in the new year. Good 1/43 car and Eduard inventory. Mail order, webshop, attends shows) Contact Paul Fitzmaurice
Hobbycraft , Northampton (main kit brands, Games Workshop and excellent again for materials)
HG Hannant , North London , 020 8205 6697 contact Carmel Attard

James Stanton has spoken with the head man at Goldings. He seems to regard the demise of MR & ME as a positive opportunity for him and is actively looking to increase his kit stock after the London Toy Fair.

As MR & ME used to form something of an informal out-of-club meeting place for us, perhaps we ought to be looking to cultivate closer relationships with some of these retailers with a view to negotiating some club member benefits and model demos in store a bit further down the line. Suggestions, please.


Modelkraft 2007, Bletchley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes , Feb 4 th 10am-5pm
Fleet Air Arm Museum Model Show, FAA Museum Yeovilton, Feb 10 th 10am-5pm
IPMS Wakefield Huddersfield Show, Huddersfield Sports Centre, Southgate , Huddersfield , Feb 11th
Modelsport 2007, Holiday Inn, Telford, March 25 th (for car modelling enthusiasts)
IPMS Scottish Nationals, Dewars Centre, Perth , April 28/29 th

I am currently investigating the ModellBrno show in the Czech Republic in June as a club weekend. Brno is cheap to get to and to stay in and the modelling standard is superb. It is also a good place to pick up home brewed Czech modelling products at local prices. The KPM Brno crowd are very hospitable and potentially a good club with which to form a twinning arrangement.


James Stanton initiated an idea for club days out last year, the first being a trip to the Imperial War Museum in London on April 1st.

So with lunch boxes packed and travelcards at the ready our intrepid advance party congregated at Bedford Station at 9.00 am to brave the rigours of First Capital Connect. Hadleigh and Louise take up the story...

We found our train on Platform 1 and boarded it for the capital, the journey being made quicker by discussion about what we really wanted to see. After reaching Kings Cross we put ourselves in the hands of Bob, who has an alter ego as a mole thanks to his years of working on London Underground. We grabbed the tube to Elephant & Castle only having got there, to be confused by a very large roundabout above ground. Had it been below ground it might have confused Bob less. However, having got our bearings, a short ten minute walk found us at the gates to the IWM.

The museum entrance sports two massive guns putting everything else we were likely to see in perspective. On entry we saw a Sherman , Jagdpanther, FW190 A-8, P51-D and both V-1 and V-2 rockets. We then made our way downstairs to the WW1-II displays which were very interesting. All the displays had full explanation on the conflicts on screens showing real footage with placards, real weapons and uniforms and memorabilia. There really is too much to take in in one day-you could do with a whole week to take it all in.

We then entered the WW1 trench experience complete with sounds, smells and bodies (thankfully not real)

After a good two hours we moved up to look at the upper displays and the aircraft suspended from the ceiling. A few of us looked round the Holocaust Experience. We all found it quite shocking at what was done in the camps. Photos showed in graphic details what was done to Jewish inmates and how they were disposed of.

After a long hard day we sought the tube and some well-earned food before heading home.

Both of us thought that this was a great day out and that we should do more events like this to keep club membership interesting and fun.

Many thanks to James for organising the day. Let's do more in the future.

And Finally...

I'm off to the Nuremburg Toy Fair first weekend in February so the next missive will be produced after this and the Milton Keynes show. Hopefully we provide a brief report on both.

Please feel free to submit anything for inclusion to me at any time.. Just pick up the phone or lob me an email. Meanwhile, have fun modelling-it's what the hobby is about.

Best wishes to all

01234 273434 (w)

Quote Of The Month
" Bacardi, Balsa, Talcum Powder and Clear Dope-it's the modelling media of the future.." (with apologies to Alan W Hall)